About Duo Fu Food Craft


Our story begins in 1985, with humble beginnings tracing back to our family owned traditional kueh business known as Lim Lam Hong Confectionery Co. Helmed by the Toh siblings, Toh Bong Chee, Toh Kheng Lim and Toh Keng Hai, they were dedicated to honing their craft and refining the family recipe. Specialising in handmade Ang Ku Kueh, we started with 2 classic flavours, mung bean and peanut.

Over time, thanks to our customers’ valuable feedback and our creativity, we now carry a range of 11 different flavours in both regular and bite-sized goodness in addition to our wide selection of other delectable Nonya kuehs and traditional snacks.

To shape the future landscape of our traditional food culture, preserve the authenticity of taste and the appreciation of our traditional snacks as a vital part of our heritage for generations to come.

As our business continues to transform and evolve over 37 years, Duo Fu Food Craft was conceptualised and established in 2021. Tradition plays a vital role in the tapestry of our culture. We believe that food serves as an avenue for creating wonderful memories for our customers and their families. Thus, our motto is to stay true to our traditional tastes and preserve our local food heritage for future generations to enjoy. 

With continuous improvements to source for healthier and quality ingredients from sustainable sources but never compromising on taste, we are proud to provide our customers with quality handmade traditional snacks that are bursting with delight in every bite!

Delicious and authentic hand-made products for our customers using only quality ingredients and zero preservatives.

Staying true to our guiding principles of integrity and respect, we are committed to providing customers with high quality products through stringent ingredients selection and hygienic food preparation.

We embrace a culture of teamwork and collaboration in our daily work, value diversity and mutual respect in our team. We believe that having a harmonious work environment is a blessing, and we hope this joyous blessing will be passed on upon your first bite into our delightful snacks. Your satisfaction and support for our products fuel our motivation for continuous improvements. Thus, coming full circle, is the essence of 多福.

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